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Simon Tam grew up privileged, in a fairly wealthy family. His life's ambition was always to be a doctor, and he achieved it: he was in the top 3% of his class at the best Medicad on his planet, and soon got a job as a trauma surgeon, making "embarrassingly large stacks of money." He was on the road for wealth and prestige, and happy with his life.

Then his younger sister, River, went off to study at a government-sponsored academy. Which turned out to be not so much a school as a secret research lab, with the "students" as guinea pigs.

The easiest course would have been to ignore the strange, incomprehensible letters from River, to assume that she was playing a game or going through a phase rather than that something was terribly wrong. Their parents took that course; Simon refused to. Instead, he sacrificed his career and his relationship with his parents to rescue River. It took two years, a lot of money, and a lot of luck, but he managed to get her smuggled out.

Now, the two are fugitives from the Alliance government, and permanent passengers on Serenity, a Firefly-class starship that runs below Alliance radar whenever possible, due partly to political convictions and partly to the crew's habit of taking on illegal jobs like smuggling. Simon protects his sister, cares for her, and does his best to help her towards healing; he's still a brilliant doctor and she trusts him, but he has only a vague idea of what was done to her, and her system is frustratingly efficient at breaking down medications. He has, so far, met with only very limited success. He chafes at living in a tiny spaceship away from all the amenities of the "civilized" world, though he knows the necessity of it. He would sacrifice it all again for River, but when he lets himself think about it he deeply misses the life he gave up.

Physically, Simon is tall, with dark hair and eyes and a fair complexion, and fairly handsome in a very clean-cut sort of way. He is in his mid-twenties.

Simon Tam is from the sadly cancelled tv show Firefly, and he and all other aspects of the show are the intellectual property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Productions, and all other holders of the copyright. This is an IC journal for role-playing at [info]milliways_bar, and is not for profit nor intended as copyright infringement.

Simon, like everyone else in his world, speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese as well as fluent English, and will assume that everyone else does too. Translations can be found here (and thanks to [info]flybywash-mun for the original list and to [info]silveraspen for hosting it), but the meaning can be generally figured out from context.

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