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Placeholder! Short short form: Dragon Age setting. Simon is a mage of the Circle Tower, currently engaged in a research project in Denerim.
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It's a fine evening in early spring in Logan City; the first really nice weather of the season, with the sun lingering above the horizon well after the office closes. Simon's carrying his winter coat over one arm as he steps into the house and sets down his briefcase. He doesn't call out; even at this hour, it's probably not a good idea to make too much noise until he's sure he wouldn't wake anybody.

He's got two guesses as to where he might find Kaylee, and because of the weather he's going to check the sunroom and/or backyard first.
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It's one of his late days. Sometimes Kaylee's already asleep when he gets home at this hour; more often she's in between dinner and bed, doing some work for the house or the business or just relaxing with a book, and they get to talk a little while he gets his own dinner.

There are lights on in the lower level of the house, he sees as he makes his way from the aircar to the door, which means there's a good chance she's still up.
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It's one of Simon's getting-home-early days. He's picked up a few things for dinner on the way home -- he will readily admit that he still isn't much of a cook, but he can handle baked chicken and green salad, and he can make a start on it before Kaylee gets in.

There's another clinic run coming up next month. He's been thinking of taking a few days of vacation sometime after that; maybe he'll bring that up tonight.
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I don't know whether I just did something spectacularly stupid or just avoided doing something spectacularly stupid. Possibly both.

How's your week been?

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The man's name -- or at least the name under which he does most of his business -- is Jacek Chaiprasit. His brother Stefan is the one Simon treated for respiratory infection on Beaumonde, years ago.

He takes a deep breath as the image forms on the screen.

"Mr. Chaiprasit? Thank you for taking the time to speak with me."
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"As working vacations go," he says as he closes the aircar door behind him, "that went pretty well, I thought."

His suitcases are in the back; his flight departs in three hours, giving them plenty of time to get to the spaceport.
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"The question is," he says, gesturing at the two files side by side, "whether it's worth gambling on this man's sense of obligation. Or his family's."

He's sitting at one end of the couch in Jordie's living room, studying the tiled display on his datareader screen.
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Wednesday was the day of his report; he's glad to have that part over with. The rest of the business trip has been -- not dull, exactly, but uneventful.

The prospect of a visit to the clinic is worth getting up early on the one day he otherwise wouldn't have to. Simon's looking forward to comparing it to the mobile clinic, with what he has to admit is a definite twinge; he misses it.

He lets Jordie take the lead once they arrive, and show him around.
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The commercial flight from Praxed to Osiris takes the better part of two days. Simon's got a berth to himself -- a small one, as these things go, but private.

He spends the first hour or so of the flight going over the next two weeks' schedule: meetings, interviews with potential new employees, a preliminary report on the infancy of the Rural Health Research Initiative. Another half-hour going over his own part of said report one last time. For the rest of the flight there isn't much to do except catch up on sleep, read, write a few textwaves.

(Presenting reports isn't new to him at all; hearing reports is something he's still getting used to, even months into the new job. The report he's looking forward to hearing is the one from Drs. Oberste and Mitel, regarding the current progress of the mobile clinic circuit.)

A few hours before they're scheduled to land, he goes over his part of the report one final last time.

Jordie picks him up at the spaceport, takes him and his luggage in hand, and drives him back to the apartment he remembers of yore.

He's not expecting what he sees when he steps through the front door, suitcases in tow.
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My job is sending me to Osiris for two weeks (dates attached). Would it be feasible for me to stay at your apartment? (I can, of course, make other arrangements if it isn't.)

Please let me know,

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Simon's been trying to encourage the other doctors at work to come to him with suggestions. Most of them he brings to Dr. Keren; some he recommends refining a little further, first.

Dr. Deleon's suggestion today was made more generally, though, and somewhat to his consternation everyone else seems to approve. He spends most of the commute home alternating between trying to figure out how to bring up the subject to Kaylee and trying to figure out if there's any way to get out of it.

When he gets home it's still fairly early in the evening, but he feels more exhausted than he did the night he staggered in at quarter after ten.
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At home these days (and he's gradually getting into the habit of calling the new house home), he's almost always a little rushed and almost always wishing there were a little more time.

Never too rushed to sit down with Kaylee for at least one meal a day, though -- breakfast or dinner, sometimes both. And not too rushed to notice how Kaylee's as busy as he is, almost as busy as she was just before the move ... but she seems so very much happier about it. Which is what decides him not to say anything like you know you don't have to make my breakfast every morning; he promises himself that he won't start taking that for granted, and will offer to make breakfast for them both if she starts to seem strained.

It's something to remember, as his own time starts to get shorter. Something to repeat to himself on the scattered days when he has to stay late, and gets home too tired to do much but eat dinner and fall asleep.

At the office, he's busy finding his feet along with everyone else. They've got to get the infrastructure set up before they can do any actual work, and they've got to prioritize things in an order that makes sense, and because Simon's the assistant director, about half of the decisions are falling on him. And he's nearly three weeks into the job before he realizes that there are people looking to him for approval, and nervous about getting it.

He's not sure how he feels about that, yet.

They're all still just barely getting acquainted. Anais Keren, the project director, has a manner halfway between brusque and motherly that keeps catching him by surprise; the vidcapture on her office wall is of her husband, still living on Sihnon and not due to come join her on Praxed for another month. Seth Mills and Rowena Deleon are a married couple from Ariel; Christoph Nguyen is also from Sihnon; Lee Barakat is originally from Osiris, but has been living on Praxed since shortly after the Saranac Event five years ago. (Lee and Simon at least have an acquaintance in common -- Dr. Charbani, from Valencia Hospital.)

It feels a little like his first year at the MedAcad, in some ways; he doesn't know these people, but he knows they're all committed to the same work. It means there's a lot less room to be nervous at being surrounded by strangers. And, as at the MedAcad, a lot less time.

He tells Kaylee about his day over dinner; sometimes he lays out plans for the next few days over breakfast.

There's a lot to do.
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The old rule still applies. During the time that's designated as theirs, together, there are to be no work-related distractions.

Which means he's silenced his inbound messages for anything that isn't emergency-priority. Everything else will just have to wait a while.

Simon settles on the couch next to Kaylee, and holds out a mug of homemade cocoa. "So. How's my first attempt?"
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It's midmorning in Logan City on Praxed -- early afternoon, ship's time -- when Serenity touches down at the spacedocks. There's supplies to take on, and cargo to unload ... and two members of the crew to go ashore.

Simon and Kaylee are standing by the gangplank, next to the float pallet bearing their luggage. They've put in a call for a rental skimmer; it should be here sometime in the next twenty minutes.

This isn't goodbye forever. But it's still goodbye.
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[After this.]

When Simon steps onto the nearly-repaired Firefly in the Milliways garage, he's carrying a heavy brown paper bag; the contents jostle against each other with the flat click of plastic.

He sets the bag down just outside the engine room, and taps with his knuckles on its open door.
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When Simon's datareader starts to flash with casual insistence, the accompanying message below reads:

Guess where I'm waving from?

(The image indicating the person on the other end is a cigar-chomping monkey wearing a crown.)

Simon grins, and touches the control to accept the wave.
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They came to an agreement early on: since Kaylee's much busier than Simon right now, even if he helps, and since Simon will be much busier after they've moved, it only makes sense for him to do the bulk of their packing now and for her to do the bulk of the unpacking later.

This means careful documenting and labeling, while he's putting things into boxes; it'll save a lot of trouble in the unpacking, since he might not be there to remember where he put what. In short: making lists.

He's a bit confused by the pair of unfamiliar books he's just come across, though.
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He isn't surprised at River's decision.

He may have to keep reminding himself that he isn't surprised, but he isn't.

It's in this frame of mind that he steps into the room he and Kaylee share, later that night.
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Kaylee holds out a hand from under the engine block, and Simon stretches to hand her the spanner.

They're in Serenity's engine room. Not their own Serenity; the one in the Milliways garage.

Being here still feels strange, in so many ways -- but helping to put it back together feels right.
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