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At home these days (and he's gradually getting into the habit of calling the new house home), he's almost always a little rushed and almost always wishing there were a little more time.

Never too rushed to sit down with Kaylee for at least one meal a day, though -- breakfast or dinner, sometimes both. And not too rushed to notice how Kaylee's as busy as he is, almost as busy as she was just before the move ... but she seems so very much happier about it. Which is what decides him not to say anything like you know you don't have to make my breakfast every morning; he promises himself that he won't start taking that for granted, and will offer to make breakfast for them both if she starts to seem strained.

It's something to remember, as his own time starts to get shorter. Something to repeat to himself on the scattered days when he has to stay late, and gets home too tired to do much but eat dinner and fall asleep.

At the office, he's busy finding his feet along with everyone else. They've got to get the infrastructure set up before they can do any actual work, and they've got to prioritize things in an order that makes sense, and because Simon's the assistant director, about half of the decisions are falling on him. And he's nearly three weeks into the job before he realizes that there are people looking to him for approval, and nervous about getting it.

He's not sure how he feels about that, yet.

They're all still just barely getting acquainted. Anais Keren, the project director, has a manner halfway between brusque and motherly that keeps catching him by surprise; the vidcapture on her office wall is of her husband, still living on Sihnon and not due to come join her on Praxed for another month. Seth Mills and Rowena Deleon are a married couple from Ariel; Christoph Nguyen is also from Sihnon; Lee Barakat is originally from Osiris, but has been living on Praxed since shortly after the Saranac Event five years ago. (Lee and Simon at least have an acquaintance in common -- Dr. Charbani, from Valencia Hospital.)

It feels a little like his first year at the MedAcad, in some ways; he doesn't know these people, but he knows they're all committed to the same work. It means there's a lot less room to be nervous at being surrounded by strangers. And, as at the MedAcad, a lot less time.

He tells Kaylee about his day over dinner; sometimes he lays out plans for the next few days over breakfast.

There's a lot to do.

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