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Kaylee holds out a hand from under the engine block, and Simon stretches to hand her the spanner.

They're in Serenity's engine room. Not their own Serenity; the one in the Milliways garage.

Being here still feels strange, in so many ways -- but helping to put it back together feels right.
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She's not talking much as a matter of course, but the most intricte part of the job is over.

Which is good, considering how much time she's spending on the ship. Makes it easier, in a lot of ways. She doesn't really have to talk to anybody -- and she can write it off as they know where I am if they want to find me.

And it's not as though she hasn't already done this job once before.

Kaylee says, a little muffled, "Simon, I want a house."
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"A house. On Praxed." She's not holding her hand out.
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"And I think I should be the one to pay for it."
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"Speakin' in terms of raw logistics -- ow -- I'm okay -- "

(There was a buzz, and a few sparks.)

" -- the funds I got ain't tied up with nobody else. And it's not like I don't got 'em to spare, considerin', and I'm the one wantin' the house."
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From under the engine comes a quick, heavy sigh.

"I'm sure."

Kaylee can explain it. She won't explain it if he doesn't ask.
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She wasn't expecting that.

(It gets suddenly quiet, under the block.)

Very carefully, she pushes herself out, sits up, regards him.

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There's a very small smile on Kaylee's face, and it looks like she's fighting it getting bigger.

"But I'm kind of in charge, long as I get your input before I do anything?"

(He likely hasn't seen her look like this for weeks.)
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"Well, yeah." That's a full-fledged grin. "I'm under the assumption we're stayin' there a while. I'd think it's only fair."
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"Oh, I'm thinkin'." She stretches, twisting her spine. "More work to do. But that'll be fine."
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And after a moment, she catches him. "What?"
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"...not all that recent, no." She leans back on her hands; he's getting a lazy, slightly speculative smile. "But you're clear for the next month or two now. Good job."
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", what, you're tryin' to get in good for the next six months? Rack up your points now, cash 'em in at your convenience?" Amused.
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Up go Kaylee's eyebrows. "Watch it, handsome, or my number-keepin's gonna start gettin' a mite fuzzy, and not in your favor."
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A few jumbled emotions cross her face; she looks away.

Very quiet: "Well. Thank you." Beat. "It sounds so odd. Comin' from you. You don't like a mess."
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She smiles, a little crooked, not meeting his eyes. "You know it's strange for me? To hear that? You're complimentin' me on somethin' you don't like. And I don't..."

Kaylee shakes her head. "Never mind."
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She's not about to tell him what it's actually about: that while she trusts him, generally speaking, she finds it difficult to believe what he's saying. That she's the exception to his rule. Because people don't -- or ought not to -- work like that.

"Maybe," Kaylee says, and makes to move back under the block.