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He sits staring at the screen for something close to a minute, trying to persuade himself that it's real.

This is to confirm our receipt of your formal acceptance.

We are pleased to welcome you to Greenleaf-Iskelion.

Please expect communication from the human resources specialist attached to our research and clinical services department regarding the time, date, and location of your orientation. This will occur after you have completed relocation to Logan City, Praxed. Your attached specialist will assist you with the logistics of your move as well.

Your anticipated formal start date is February 1, 2524. We have appended a copy of your formal job description.

We look forward to a fruitful working relationship with you. Please do not hesitate to let your specialist know of any concerns or issues that we can help you resolve.

Best regards,

Cline Guo
Senior Chief Officer for Human Resources

It's one of the harder things he's ever had to do, raising his voice at the dinner table that night, even after Kaylee's steady nod. Seeing them all look at him; knowing they already know, or suspect, what he's going to say.

"I," he starts -- and absurdly, all he can think of is the day the engines blew out, the first year he was on this ship; it was his birthday, and they made him a cake.

This crew's been my family. And this ship's been my home.

"You all know by now that I've been offered a job, on Praxed."

A long beat, a deep breath.

"It seems I'm taking it."
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Mal for one never thought it was a question, with the way they've all been talking about it.

(Kaylee and Mal still aren't right and he doesn't know what to do about it. It gives him heartburn.)

"Dong xi dong xi," Mal offers quietly, hoping to at least set an example.
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River tries to smile for him, a moment too late; it doesn't fit quite right, and it doesn't last long.

She doesn't look up, though. She's been watching the edge of her plate, a horizon-curve against the table, since Simon's first words.

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"That's swell, doc," Jayne says, forking in his protein cheerfully.

He doesn't know why the rest of the crew are all sporting such droopy faces. People come, people go; that's the way of this business. And it ain't like they never got on without a doctor before.
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Inara takes her eyes off of River after a long moment. She smiles at Simon and Kaylee, her eyes flicking over to Mal's for half a second.

"Congratulations," She smiles a bit brighter as she reaches for Kaylee's hand, for Simon's. "It'll be good for you both."